The 4th edition of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival (August 18th-20th, 2017) will continue the good tradition of this event.

“We took a very close look at the surveys filled out last year by the festival’s participants”, said Hubert Kulesza, the General Manager of the Festival, before the 3rd edition. “We wanted to know where we could offer even better quality. In line with the “We’re changing for you” slogan we are open to suggestions. We are modernizing the infrastructure to make it even more friendly. We also wish to ensure better work conditions for the staff that arrive with the horses, so that everyone would feel more comfortable. We are enlarging the general parking lot, building a parking lot for exhibitors and horse trucks with a permanent place to wash the horses, which we didn’t have last year.”

The third edition of the Festival (August 19th-21st, 2016) saw 119 horses entered, out of which 106 were presented in Nowe Wrońska. It seems that Allah kept watch over Al Khalediah Poland, because the show was accompanied once again by beautiful, sunny weather and only on Sunday, during the racing day at Służewiec, the guests and competitors got caught by rain. AKEAHF is becoming an ideal end-of-summer event in the Polish show calendar. Charming surroundings, easy access, elegant infrastructure – all this makes more and more guests want to spend their weekend right here.

In 2016 horses placed 1st to 5th in their classes, received equal prizes in the form of cheques for 4,000 PLN (around 1,000 Euro). There were six championships held: for yearling fillies, yearling colts, junior mares, junior stallions, senior mares, senior stallions. The class winners had a chance to battle it out for the main prizes – Ford cars. The second place holders fought for further cash prizes: 8 thousand PLN (around 2,000 Euro) for the silver medalists and 6 thousand PLN (around 1,500 Euro) for bronze medalists. The Best in Show award amounted to 15 thousand PLN (around 3,750 Euro). The Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival near Płońsk is the only show in Europe today, where such valuable prizes as premium cars can be obtained, just like in the Middle East shows. And so three cars (B-Max, Kuga and Ranger) joined the vehicle fleet of Ajman Stud or rather the one of the European training center when the horses of this owner stand (Frank Spönle Show Training). One Kuga went to Sami Ben Saad (Saudi Arabia), one (B-Max) to Osterhof Stud of the Stöckle family and one (Ranger) to Al Baydaa Stud.

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