Thank you to all Exhibitors for coming.
Congratulations to the winners!

Many thanks to the Spectators for the applause!
See you next year!

Thank you to the Officials for your commitment.
We wish you further success!

Race for the Al Khalediah Poland Cup 2019
Congratulations to the winners!

About the Festival

The idea to create a European Arabian horse show that would implement a new quality was born years ago as a reference to the Saudi Arabian show organized by Polska AKF’s older sister – Al Khalediah Stud. The first edition of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival took place in 2014 and began as an ECAHO C-ranked show. From the very beginning our aim was to create a recognizable show brand, built upon organization of the highest quality, transparent judging and unique prizes. The quality of the competition and high standards of the Festival in Nowe Wrońska have been appreciated internationally, which is why in 2018 we received an A-rank ECAHO affiliation for our show, as the first and so far only ones in Poland and this part of Europe.

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