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Thank You and see you in Poland!
Prizes 2018
6 x Mercedes Benz for Gold Champions
and ~ 120 000 € in cash
15 800 € in cash
Prizes 2018
Prizes 2018 Prizes 2018 Prizes 2018
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Festival 2018 / the 5th edition
Feel invited to Poland!
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17th-18th of August
ECAHO „A” Show
Al Khalediah Stud Poland / Nowe Wrońska
19th of August
Al Khalediah Poland Cup
Służewiec Race Track, Warsaw

The Festival

On the account that, as the first and only in Poland and this part of Europe, we have been awarded the A-class ECAHO affiliation, this year’s fifth edition of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival will be exceptional. This is a very special moment when we join the group of the most outstanding events in Europe with the Al Khalediah brand. We are pleased that the level of sporting competition and high organizational standard of the Festival in Nowe Wrońska has been appreciated on the international arena, which is reflected in awarding us A-class Show (ECAHO). In 2018, the AKEAHF Festival will take place on August 17-19.

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